How Can Sure-Hop™ Fix A Bad Infield?

Is your baseball or softball infield...

• Too dusty?

• Too hard?

• Too sloppy?

• Too many puddles?

• Too tough to work with?


We will...

• Test your infield.

• Scientifically determine its makeup.

• Engineer the proper amendment to fix your field’s playability issues.

• Give your field a new vibrant red color, or match your existing brown color

• No need to tear out and replace your entire field.


Building a new baseball field?

We will work with you to develop the specifications which will give your field optimum playability right off the bat.


Our infield mixes are not silty byproducts. They are not piles of muddy soil. Our infield mixes are designed, manufactured, and tested to give your infield the playability you need.

Contact us today for a free field consultation.


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