Sure-Hop™: Infield Mixes Made For Parks, Preps, Pros, and Everyone In Between

Park & recreation departments, schools, little league, and athletic associations need infield mixes that dry quickly after a rain, are free of stones for player safety, and have minimal dust for player and fan comfort. 

The infield mix should contain higher amount of sand, so it holds less water.  It should contain lower amounts of silt and clay, which create dust when dry and turn slippery or muddy when wet.  The amount of maintenance your field receives, and the playability expectations of its users help determine the right ratio of sand, silt, and clay for your field.

Proper grading and maintenance of a field is a must.  No infield mix will perform properly if it is built incorrectly or maintained poorly.  However, choosing the right mix for your level of play allows your field to meet its performance expectations.

For these fields, we recommend:
Sure-Hop™ Classic Infield Mix
Sure-Hop™ Red Infield Mix
Sure-Hop™ Custom Infield Mix
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