Sure-Hop™: Infield Mixes Made For Parks, Preps, Pros, and Everyone In Between

Want a great baseball field?


You need the right infield mix.


Infield mix is not "one-size-fits-all."  Different baseball and softball infields need different mixes to meet their needs.  Maintenance capabilities, player expectations, and other factors help determine what mix is right for your field.


Sure-Hop™ Infield Mixes are made in several grades to meet the needs of various levels of play.  They are used in hundreds of fields throughout the Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Find out which Sure-Hop is best for your baseball or softball field. 


Top 5 reasons to choose Sure-Hop™ Infield Mix


1. BORN FOR BALLFIELDS.  Many infield mixes are unregulated byproducts of sand & gravel manufacturing or topsoil harvested out of the ground.  These “byproduct” and “harvested” dirts are not made to meet infield performance specifications.  Sure-Hop™ Infield Mixes are engineered specifically to perform as infield surfaces.  Do you know what your infield is made of?


2. THE RIGHT RATIO FOR YOU.  A high school baseball field shouldn't use the same mix as a pro or college infield.  Sure-Hop™ Infield Mixes are made with varying ratios of sand, silt, and clay.  We match your field's level of play with the proper infield mix.

3. GUARANTEED CONSISTENCY. Tested by an independent laboratory to ensure they meet ASTM Infield Mix standards and our own internal standards.  Is your infield mix tested by the manufacturer?

4. PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE.  Our high production standards help your infield meet your high performance standards.  Our tight specifications help your infield to not be too dusty, too hard, to slick, or too soft.

5. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Manufactured in several locations throughout the United States to reduce freight costs.

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